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and welcome to our website. Before you go wandering about, let us introduce ourselves. We are Cannibal and we develop software for gamesvisualizations and interactive products. By positioning ourselves as a technology specialist, we are a partner that is both an enabler and a catalyst.

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Latest News

Aug 24, '11

Visualization of bridge coating quality

Based on the successful prototype we created with C-Cube earlier this year, we are ready to take the next step. This time, the goal is to create an interactive and insightful visualization of the coating quality across the surface of a real bridge.
Jul 5, '11

Mimicry released

Last month we announced our collaboration with Monobanda on their new project called "Mimicry". This month, we are proud to show some of the results. As always, Monobanda has managed to create a huge amount of attention. Check out the teaser trailer for Mimicry here.
Jun 8, '11

C-Cube and customer impressed

About a week ago we first showed C-Cube a prototype for a radically new visualization of data generated by their corrosion sensors. By providing an advanced visualization and real-time interactivity we have been able to take their sensor visualization to a completely new level. Both C-Cube and their customer were very impressed by the prototype. We are looking forward to see where this collaboration can take us in the future.
Jun 6, '11

Cannibal to work on Mimicry

Monobanda has started yet another prestigious gaming project called Mimicry. It is a multi-player sandbox game in the literal sense of the word. As a players you will have to make up your own games by crafting sand and creating your own set of rules. Given our joint successes in the past, Cannibal is of course taking care of all technical details and implementations of the Mimicry project. Once again we are enabling Monobanda to design and create the game they are looking for.
May 25, '11

First screenshots of Tikiblox

In the December last year, we announced our collaboration with SonicPicnic and WeirdBeard Games. Six months later we are proud to showcase the first screenshots of Tikiblox: a puzzle game with a heavy focus on colorful graphics and awesome audio. Stay tuned!

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